I walk a lot, since it's healthy.

Sean had a girls' night out.

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Oscar canceled at the last moment.

I've got Vassos in my office.

He gazed at me.

I wonder where Colin is from.

You still haven't told me how old you are.

Did you tell anyone you were coming here?

I think it's obvious.

He gets ahead of everybody in his work.

I just wanted to make sure you were OK.

Don't ask me. Ask him.

She drank milk.

This town is so depressing.

This offer is not subject to the usual discounts.

It was the morning of Easter. The bells sounded from the neighboring church, and the sun seemed to rejoice in the sky.

We know we have to do better.

Soccer is my favorite game.

Taro speaks English better than I do.

Have fun!

I am going to watch TV this evening.


I ran the risk of losing my job to help her.


I've never seen Wade so busy.

Spock has never done that before.

You're asking me a question I can't answer.

Don't you think we have pretty good alibis?

Oh, I found it, nevermind.

It's too early in the year for cherry blossoms to be out.

He will be back shortly.

He is a scholar to the core.

Margot has a sister who is a lawyer.


"Which language class are you taking this semester?" "Arabic Level 5."


Debbie's eyes are bloodshot.

Suwandi escaped unscathed from the wreckage.

I see we understand each other.

You are my obsession.

One can't cry when one is a man.

The doors automatically closed.

Let's ask her something else.

Things often take longer than you expect.

Lisa could still be in Boston.

Her new hair-do made her look younger.

Jason wants to be a baseball player.

Can I have some more tea?

They found Rachel in great pain.

He is the most cutthroat person I know.

It's not something I can miss.


Everybody's fault is nobody's fault.

What does that mean?

Horatio's kids are such handfuls.


Luc's anger hurt their marriage.


Never cross the street without checking that no cars are coming.

Could you please speak slower?

Her horse doesn't respect her.


I should have listened to my father.

Oleg passed away in Rome.

Don't presume to tell me how to raise my children!


I can't get the door to shut properly.

My boss is a jerk.

The sun rose above the horizon.


I haven't touched a tennis racket in years.

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I'll be mad at you if you keep doing that.

The sons sorrowfully buried their mother.

So what happens now?

Lorien doesn't have a sister.

She could pass for twenty.


Waitress! Another basket of pork dumplings, please.

I want to tell her I love her.

Do you want to be a flower girl?

How much time have we got left?

"Seen my cell phone?" "On the table!"


A gentleman would pay for his girlfriend's lunch.

I knew who he probably was.

Mats is prone to mood swings.


Kathleen exaggerates.

Is this the real truth?

I will postpone my trip to Scotland until it is warmer.


Simon also was very sick.

Vernon closed his eyes again.

I received the same advice as you.


Dori received a call from Beverly.


They did not expect an easy life.

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Catch it, this dude's girl-happy.

We all stood up at once.

I played tennis after school.

He will be studying when you get up.

We're all very good players.

Milo is really aggressive, isn't he?

We need to be realistic.

We have to be prepared to cope with violent storms.

We'll all be together.

It is always dark beneath the oil lamp.

Last year when I was in the United States, I had almost no opportunity to speak Japanese.


You're too young to die, my friend.

Norman won't allow it.

Being objective means not telling everybody whose side you are on.

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Julie and Steven met at the seaside last year and fell in love.

Here are the books.

I bought a scarf for my grandfather on my father's side's 88th birthday.

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I have a few friends in the United States.


Hotta and Merton are sitting together.

The sacred ritual took place after being postponed twice.

Dan was terminally ill and wasn't responding to treatment.

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She had returned home long before.

My life's a contradiction.

I've never seen him around here.


I'm your lawyer.

The committee is made up of ten members.

She was so kind as to lend me some money.


I'll give him half of my share.

She is a physicist.

The number of words that a language has is finite but the number of sentences is infinte, which is quite interesting. You can make countless number of sentences.

Your income is about twice as large as mine.

Rusty wants to see us again.

Do you know where to go or who to ask for information?

Most dinner parties end about eleven o'clock.

Because stars are only like grains of sand, women are hesitant about astronomy.

He wants to be a tennis player when he grows up.

The bus stop is at the corner of this street.

The Rotes Rathaus is the town hall of Berlin.

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The exact opposite is true.

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Rodney was a quiet and unassuming young lady.

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Floria was smart not to sell his house at that time.

I'm very busy back home.

We regularly meet there once a week.

We're going to send him home.

I was dressed up as a girl at the school festival.

Sandeep sat down.

I can't speak French as well as Ruth.

Dadaab is a refugee camp in Kenya.

Please just listen to me.

Sally thinks that learning foreign languages is tedious and boring.

A change of opinions is almost unknown in an elderly military man.

Bernie has never been called stupid before.

He's a ghostwriter.


Myrick told me you were retired.

Alejandro gave his dog a bath.

Eric scared the pants off you, didn't he?

I came to surprise her.

We have walked all around the lake.


She's entertaining herself.

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This store here is open around the clock.


A foolish misunderstanding severed their long friendship.


My experience of the world would be much shallower without the ability to communicate in lots of languages.

I started working here thirty years ago.

Your time is over.


He is indifferent to worldly success.


The crowd gave way and let him pass.

We'll come back tomorrow.

I have a notebook.


We wanted to do more.


In general, communication between doctors and their patients is the most important part of medical treatment.

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On the one eye, watch the outside world, on the other look deep inside yourself.

Angus's heart stopped, but doctors managed to revive him.

How did Jerald get in here?

Almost all the students enjoy their school life.

There's something up there in the tree.

He's a bird watcher.

Curiosity got the better of Morgan.

What is she drinking?

Anderson is thin, isn't he?